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Re-Write the HISTORY ?

WE all know that Christopher Columbus discovered America — but we all don’t know that this is a myth. Yes, Columbus was not the first European or outsider to discover the American continents, and North America to be precise.


The credit for the discovery of America should go to the Vikings, Chinese, Arabs, Italians, British and Polynesians (inhabitants of islands in the southern Pacific Ocean), as research, archaeological discoveries and scholars now point out. Though there is much debate about some claims, there is no doubt that many different people, spanning centuries, set foot on the New World (as the Americas were called) before the Columbus.


Interestingly, many countries in the New World (that is North and South Americas) and elsewhere, celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival (October 12, 1492), as Columbus Day and various events, official and unofficial, takes place to mark the occasion. In the United States, it is celebrated on the second Monday of October.


However, today we are not celebrating Columbus’ feat, but we are going to discover who else discovered the Americas. While we will be presenting to you the facts and some hypothesis, it is up to you to decide who deserves the credit of being the discoverer of the New World.



Extract of article written by Ambreen Arshad


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